Take the mantra “Train hard, brunch harder” to heart by using the following items that are perfect for breakfast fans and a morning workout alike.

Bye, bye, bed hair! Messy hair everywhere is going to leave you more exhausted than your actual workout. Grab a nice hair band to save you the trouble and look cute while doing so. Via Lululemon.

First do the Yoga, then do the things. With your yoga mat wrapped up in a chic bag by Effie Handmade waiting for you by your bed, you’ll never want to miss out on an early morning om-session ever again.

Drink up! Hydration is key when it comes to working out. Filled with water this Soulbottle “Just breathe” is going to be your best before, during and after your training session.

Soulbottle "Just breathe"

Soulbottle “Just breathe”

Jump, baby, jump! Your Porridge needs another 3 minutes? Your flatmates are occupying the bathroom? Coffee isn’t ready just yet? Make time fly by jumping rope in the meantime, get your heart pumping and that oxygen flowing! e.g. via Amazon.

Power Porridge. Cooked grains and flakes make it a lot easier for our body to absorb all the nutrients. Therefore, a serving of Porridge (like our Verival Blackberry Porridge) before your training sesh will give you a boost of energy, while a Porridge afterwards will feed your cells all the vitamins and minerals they need to recharge.

Shake it! A leak-proof shaker is key to not spill any of your goods on your way to the studio, whether it’s a smoothie, a muesli shake or a delicious juice. This bottle by Contigo is 100% leak-free after taking out the straw. Via Amazon.

Sweet, sweet energy. The natural sugar contained in dates and coconuts will not only sweeten up your morning, but will also help you power through your workouts. Ready, set, move! Verival’s Date Pralines combine both and make the perfect snack.

Liefert Energie & versüßt dir den Morgensport: das Verival Bio Dattelkonfekt

Liefert Energie & versüßt dir den Morgensport: das Verival Bio Dattelkonfekt

Let’s get fig-sical! Athletes from all around the globe adore this sweet, juicy fruit for the nutrients it contains and the natural sugar which makes them a perfect workout snack. For the Cereal Killers: Verival’s Bircher Muesli with Heritage Grains comes with figs.

Time to move. The alarm clock “Clocky” comes with wheels and will definitely make sure you will never ever again oversleep your morning workout. “Clocky” will literally roll off upon the first ring and will only stop once you’ve caught it. Ha! Catch yours on Amazon.

With your goals in mind. In case you need help organising your goals and keeping track of your progress, use a fitness planner! Zazzle.com offers a note book you can design with whichever motivating sayings you like.

Team Brunch. Let others know what’s what with this cute tank top. And, at the same time, remind yourself why you’re putting so much effort in. Via wearhg.com.

Snack Hack 101. Always keep a handy 3-in-1 cutlery in your gym bag and you’ll never run the risk of having to telekinetically try to get your fruit salad or your porridge and muesli from the bowl into your mouth. We’ve all been there. Head on over to Light my Fire for your own spork.

Snacken im Handumdrehen: Spork bringt Löffel, Gabel und Messer mit

Snacken im Handumdrehen: Spork bringt Löffel, Gabel und Messer mit