1. Your own cup on the shelf. Thank God mugs with names and graphic sayings on them are so last century. A cute set consisting of a cup, a plate and a muesli bowl in your favorite colors will give your office desk a much needed homey feel, though. For example via Manodesign.

Schreibtisch deck dich! Mit © Manodesign via Gusto

Schreibtisch deck dich! Mit © Manodesign via Gusto

2. No crumbles, please. Grease stains and crumbs on your keyboard – or on documents, for that matter – are an absolute no-go. Use a serving tray and place mats to both enhance the good morning-feeling as well as keep your working area clean at all times. Etsy offers a nice selection of anti-crumble goods, for instance this beautiful wooden tray by TylerKingstonWoodCo.

Die Bretter, die die Frühstückswelt bedeuten: Tablett von © TylerKingstonWoodCo

Die Bretter, die die Frühstückswelt bedeuten: Tablett von © TylerKingstonWoodCo

3. Your Good Morning-Joker. Fill your office fridge with your favorite jam and plant-based drink (will last you longer!) and keep dry goods like muesli, porridge, nut mixes and waffles in a drawer or on a shelf by your desk. Those basics will serve you well when it comes to overcoming morning grumpiness as well the dreaded afternoon slump. Just get your Verival breakfast essentials delivered directly to your working address and you’re good to go!

4. Low maintenance fruits. Who needs knives and cutting boards when you only need your hands to add berries, grapes or physalis directly to your bowl full of yoghurt or muesli? Dried fruit such as mango, plums and apricots are also a great staple for any fruity start to your day at the office.


5. Go old school, use a thermos flask. The meeting is taking longer than expected and before you know it, you will return to a very cold cup of coffee or tea by the time you reach your desk. So be wise and use a thermos flask at all times, not just in colder seasons. We already fell in love with “Emma” by Stelton. So pretty!

Mit "Emma" ist gut Tee- und Kaffeetrinken © Stelton

Mit “Emma” ist gut Tee- und Kaffeetrinken © Stelton

6. Doughy nibbles. Muffins and Muesli Bars are an office gal’s and guy’s best friend. Simply bake a few of those using your favorite muesli and store them in an air-tight container in the fridge. If you’re too busy to fire up the oven yourself, pay your most-trusted bakery a visit on the way to work. Easy-peasy.


7. Dear coffee, you’ve just been promoted. If you’re in a hurry, thinking and acting quick on your feet is a must. By adding a few ingredients only, your morning coffee can be turned into a full-on breakfast dish, like into Oatmeal Latte with Porridge, into a Coffee Banana Smoothie or even into a caffeine-laden Chia Pudding. Yum!

Mein neuer Liebling: #oatmeallatte. Mit Haferflocken, Milchschaum, Granola und natürlich #coffee ☕️ #2in1breakfast   Ein von Dani Terbu (@daniterbu) gepostetes Foto am 2. Aug 2016 um 1:26 Uhr


8 Preparation is key. Think ahead and prepare your breakfast the night before. Overnight Oats and Chia Pudding are so quick to make, yet really tasty and can easily be transported to your office in a cute mason jar. They’ll even last a few days in the fridge! So play it safe and take more than one of your most delicious creations with you to work and just grab a jar whenever you feel a hunger pang.


9. Delicious distractions. Do yourself a favor and let your computer be while you’re having breakfast. Instead, have pictures of your latest holiday, a grandly illustrated book or your favorite magazine ready on your desk to make sure you won’t even be tempted to stare at your screen.