1. Muesli Fondue:
A Muesli Fondue is the lighter, fluffier brunch version of the traditional cheesy classic. Go ahead and surprise your friends with fresh fruits cut in bite-size pieces to dip in some creamy Greek yoghurt, smooth nut butter, sweet honey and finally some crispy Crunchy or even Granola.

-> How to? Just follow this link!

2. From cookies to fruit:
Don’t let your cookie cutters wait all year in the cupboard to be used again. Instead, use them Lena-style and spruce up your morning bowl with some fruity edible art!

-> Lenas edible breakfast art

3. Oven-baked Porridge:
Not only your cookies like to go in the oven, even your porridge does. Serve it while still warm with some creamy vanilla yoghurt. Yumm!

-> Find the recipe here.

4. Muesli Infused Baked Apples:
It’s the ideal breakfast for holidays or for freezing winter days when you really don’t want to face the cold. Simply turn on your oven and bake them crispy, christmas-y apples!

-> What you’ll need.

5. Festive Muesli Brunch:
Who doesn’t love a Muesli Buffet what with all the different kinds of cereals, crunchies, nuts, seeds, fruits and toppings? But why even leave? Stay in, make yourself comfy and invite some friends and family over who can all gather around a table that screams breakfast!

-> Tips and tricks

6. Muesli Pops on a Stick:
Julie, master chef of her very own Pop Bakery, reveals her recipe for the perfect Cake Pops making you a Muesli Cake Pop Champ in no time using Heritage Grains and Crunchy Mixes.

-> Julie’s Recipe