Flowers, breakfast in bed, some balloons, lots and lots of red and your bae by your side – that’s all you really need for a magical start to the most romantic holiday of the year, right? So we went along and collected some simple yet utterly romantic ideas for you on our pinterest board on and about Valentines Day. How to create the perfect atmosphere with just a few loving touches here and there? Here’s our little how-to:

1. Just follow your heart via Pinterest via Pinterest

2. Go to 7th heaven with those balloons

vd_ballons via Pinterest

3. Let flowers do the talking via Pinterest via Pinterest

4. Reminisce… via Pinterest via Pinterest

5. Fold your heart out via Pinterest via Pinterest

6. Go all out on a Muesli Buffet

Marbella Printables Valentine's Day Birthday Brunch

Marbella Printables Valentine’s Day Birthday Brunch

7. Grab your favorite china & the best ingredients only

Royal Copenhagen via Pinterest

Royal Copenhagen via Pinterest

Need more? Here our our top 8 tipps for an even more romantic start to your day on the 14th of February.


(Header: via Pinterest)