A good day starts with a good morning. And a good breakfast starts with top-quality ingredients. 

For more than 25 years we have been making organic breakfast in the Tyrolean Alps. For us, breakfast isn’t just a meal, but the cornerstone for a whole new day. Therefore, we take our time and really celebrate it. Because only if you get your day off to a great start, you will have the energy to make the best of it. Of that we are convinced.


When it comes to recipes, we’re always delighted to try something new. With our cereal grains, on the other hand, we prefer to stick with tradition: heritage cereal varieties such as einkorn wheat, emmer wheat, spelt, rye and oats are the all-important basic ingredients of our organic muesli creations. And we don’t leave anything to chance, either: for our mueslis we only use VERIVAL cereals produced exclusively for us by our own contract growers. So aside from ensuring premium quality, we also help to preserve biological diversity. Why? Because we love diversity – not only on the breakfast table.

Experience has shown us that a real muesli is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. That’s why we exclusively use premium-quality, certified organic raw materials. These are carefully handled and processed at our premises in the Tyrolean Alps, with key steps in the production process done by hand. That takes time, but it’s absolutely worth it.


We started off with the vision to provide people with healthy, certified organic foods at a fair price, and at their favourite store. The rest is history, as they say:

1984 – Foundation by Engelbert Perlinger

Much derided at the beginning, our concept had quickly evolved into a leading Austrian organic brand with a broad range of products for the daily supply in a matter of just a few years.

1999 – Gernot Langes-Swarovski Joins the Company
2002 – Engelbert Perlinger Leaves the Company
2007 – Rebranding as “VERIVAL“

As a consequence of the enourmous organic food boom around the turn of the century, our products were increasedly supposed to capture the European market. Therefore, we chose a new look for our brand – one that reflects on our long-held corporate values. Based on the Latin “VERItas” (= truth) and “VALore” (= value) the new brand VERIVAL was born.

2008 – In the Heart of the Alps: New Manufacturing Base in Langkampfen/Tyrol

Over an area of 32.000 m2 we managed to strike a good balance between nature, people and technology. Already during construction, we ensured to keep energy consumption by lighting, cooling and heating as low as possible in order to obtain an optimal energy supply. Moreover, we reduce our primary energy demand and pollutant emissions with our energy recovery plant.

2012 – Wolfgang Fojtl Joins the Company, Brand Realignment
2013 – Brand Relaunch

Specialisation in the production of high-quality breakfast products and kick off for the VERIVAL Hertiage Grain Cultivation Project in the form of contract cultivation.

2014 – Change in the Production: Heritage Grains as Muesli-base