The perfect start to your Valentine’s Day is a romantic morning spent together. We gathered a few tips for you to make this morning even more special for you and your loved one:

1. Don’t set the alarm! 

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday this year so you really don’t need that nasty sound ringing in your ears early in the morning. Isn’t it much nicer to wake your loved one up with a gentle kiss?

2. ’tis the secret. 

Sure, you probably already know everything about him/her, but there is no harm in asking for someones deepest wishes and dreams. Far too often we spent our days talking about random stuff so how about instead you take the time and tell each other secrets that no one else knows? In case you need some inspiration check out this study.

3. Choose a different spot. 

You have your favorite spot at the breakfast table, right? How about you change things up a bit and take your breakfast with you to the living room floor or – even better – the bed? If it’s not too cold outside you could even go for a romantic walk, holding hands, spooning porridge out of a thermos cup.

A romantic start to your Valentine's Day


4. Treat your eyes, too! 

You don’t have to make a big fuss about it but some pretty red place mats, matching bowls, napkins with hearts and a spoon with a personal engraving go a long way. Also: you can never go wrong with red heart-shaped balloons. Who doesn’t love that?

5. Fruit it up.

Prepare some wooden sticks and cut up your favorite fruits. That way you can make fruity sticks for each other to dip into chocolate (fondue), yoghurt, nut butter and some Crunchy. Yum & fun!

6. Music in your ears. 

You got a special song or you’re nuts about the same band? Make a playlist with all your favorite musical moments and let it enchant your romantic brunch.

7. Hold on to memories. 

Literally! Spent some time together by selecting your favorite pics and snaps from your mobile phones and cameras, print them and make a collage out of your beloved memories. For a matching heart shape go to Fotoclips.

8. Flowers for breakfast. 

They don’t only go well as a decor element on the table but make for a colorful addition in your muesli, too! Both our Crunchy Mix with Fruits as well as our gluten-free Cranberry Cherry Muesli will brighten your bowl due to the edible blue & yellow flowers we add to the mix.

Have a great start to your Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart!